We offer plain steel targets without bases or stands. You may mount them however you want. Put them on a plate rack, a hinged base or a stand of your design. Many different shapes are available in stock. Those pictured with a hole will have a plasma cut 9/16 square hole to accept a 1/2″ Carriage bolt. If you want an extra hole in the targets, we can hand torch cut a hole for $10 per hole. Please call 800-821-3475 for more information on this process before ordering.  Please note, we don’t drill the AR500.
steel gong targets Steel Gong targets hang from a stand and ring when you hit them. Spray paint them periodically so you can see your hits. Our portable folding stand (#945/953) sets up quickly without tools. The target just hooks on the top of the stand. The angle that the target hangs at is adjustable so you can direct the lead spatter to the ground. These are great for practice. Set them up and shoot all day without maintenance. Use our stands, make your own or just nail the target to a fence post.
Knock Down Targets include the large and small IPSC regulation Pepper Poppers . The target will fall when hit but must be manually reset between shots. They are adjustable for different loads and are mounted on an offset hinge so the wind will not knock them down. If you would like to make your own bases, you may buy just the target plates from us. If you would like to reset them from the firing line, just drill a hole in the target and mount a light weight chain so you can pull them back up.

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