Most people will agree that target shooting is fun. Whether you are target practicing for self-defense, hunting, competition or just for fun, shooting sports are one of America’s oldest, most honored and cherished pastimes. Target shooting means shooting paper targets or perhaps clay birds such as trap or skeet. However, there are some nice and best alternatives for handgun and rifle shooters that will literally give you more “bang and clang” for your hard-earned shooting money.

Steel gong targets, as most people call them, have been around for quite a long time and are a favorite of professional and competition shooters. They come in a variety of sizes, thickness, configurations, steel hardness and ultimately, uses. Steel targets are heavy enough that you could use them for close-range, high-power handgun shooting as well as long-range high-power rifle practice. These targets can give you a loud and satisfying “ding and dong” sounds and sends the gong swinging on their chains.

There are a lot of manufacturers and companies that sell targets. Such gong targets carry a lifetime warranty proving the shooter follows the manufacturer’s recommendations on shooting distances and ammo choices.

As with all shooting events, safety rules should exist and implemented when shooting hard targets, like the steel gong. Hearing protection and safety glass are mandatory for shooting, and manufacturers of steel targets recommends shooting distances should be used. They say that when shooting pistols on steel, there should be a minimum distance of 10 yards and a minimum distance of 50 yards for rifles. Shooter should not use steel-cored bullets as they can pit the targets and are more likely to ricochet and deflect into the ground.

These kinds of targets are designed to be hang and should swing freely when hit. Manufacturers also makes a chain kit designed specifically to set the gong at a bottom tilting angle, which directs the bullets into the ground.

For those shooters who are tired of punching holes in paper, steel targets may be the answer. They will certainly spice up your target shooting events and quickly eliminated any guesswork of a hit by swinging and ringing loudly.

These targets are very fun to practice with. Every hit makes a sound, and it’s a sound of success! When I first made my practice shooting, gong targets were really enjoyable because every sound it makes, I know I hit it. You can make your first few practices enjoyable too by using these targets. Make sure that you have all the equipment and gears ready for the day of your practice, and always think of safety all the time.


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