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Bolt and Nut Set 90-997 Bolt and Nut Set0.3 lbs $2.00
1/2" x 1.5" Gr5 hardened steel carriage bolt and flange nut set for stand (replacement part). When you buy a stand, this bolt set comes with it. You do not need to order this except as a spare part or if you have more targets than stands and want to switch targets quickly and easily.
Target Stand - Folding & Adjustable 90-950 Target Stand - Folding & Adjustable20 lbs $100.00
Adjustable folding stand with bolt set. Holds target at 45"/53". Folds to 55"/63" long. Works with any target shown with mounting hole unless noted. Illustrated with target but target is not included. Minimal assembly required. Made of A36 & low carbon steels.