target stand
Folding Stand #953 shown with #111 2/3 size IPSC target. Target sold separately.
Detail of Target Mounting. Target hangs loosly on stand to absorb shock. Angle is adjustable.

Instant set up.

Instant take down.

Holds target at an angle to deflect fragments to the ground.

Solid steel construction holds up to accidental bullet hits.

Folds flat for easy transport.

Detail of Folding Leg Hinge. Legs unfold and Target Mounts without the use of tools.

Size: Tall Stand Holds target mounting point at 53″ from ground. Folds to 63″ long. Weight 20#.

Short Stand Holds target mounting point at 45″ from ground. Folds to 53″. Weight 19#.


Operating Instructions: Remove Bolt from hole where it has been stored for shipping. Place bolt thru hole in target and tighten Flange Nut so there is approximately 5/16” gap between nut and target. Slide bolt into slot on Target Stand with nut over back of bracket so that Target hangs angling down and back. Adjust nut tightness to obtain desired angle. Target should hang loosely so it can give when hit.

Leg bolts should be tightened, then backed off 1/8 turn so that legs will fold but will not swing freely. Lock washer is to provide tension to prevent legs from swinging. For permanent set up or heavy use, tighten leg bolts all the way down.


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