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MADE Targets will be taking over the product line from Arntzen Corporation, who has been making top quality steel plate targets since 1989. We will continue to manufacture the highest quality steel targets on the market today. Our 3/8″ thick AR500 Alloy Steel Targets are ideal for training, practice or matches.

Our Hardened Alloys will outlast mild or A36 steel many times. Our T520 (AR500) alloy is similar to armor plate and is suitable for high-velocity pistol, long-range center fire rifle (200M or greater), or for standard velocity shotgun slugs. See our Steel Types page for more detail. All of our parts are computer drawn and computer plasma cut for consistent smooth cuts. Some of our targets have a mounting hole near the top to mount on our portable folding stand. The stand unfolds and sets up without tools. The targets will not fall when hit, but will ring like a bell. You can use our stands, make your own or just nail them to a fence post. Pepper Poppers are regulation IPSC knock down targets and are excellent for pistol or shotgun when used with lead shot only.  All targets are reversible for double life.

Made in the U.S.A.

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